Paddling is my Life, it runs in my blood!

Paddling keeps you fit and gives you the confidence to be young again; that’s if you are getting old.

There’s a lot to learn in the sport, and every time you are on the water it feels like an adventure.

If you a keen on hopping into a V1 Canoe you get to learn a couple of things:

1. The current – how and where it is flowing

2. Manoeuvrability – unlike a V6, V1 is quite a challenge 1st up. Every V1 paddler,has one way or another tipped over. You have to find your balance.

3. The Stroke – a V1 stroke is different from that of a V6 stroke. You are on your own, a lot of correctional strokes is needed in order for you to move the canoe.

Having fun and enjoying it is the key! It also applies to everything in life really! If you love doing it and you are having fun, make the most of it!

Life’s too short to be sitting at home watching the telly, grab your paddle and come join us.