Takia Juniors, Takia Open

Sunrise Paddle & Clean Up to Celebrate World Oceans Day – 08 July 2017

Another initiative supported by Fiji Outrigger and which Takia very much endorses, is to commemorate World Oceans Day, the Viti SUP and Va’a fleet in partnership with Fiji Yachting, Fiji Outrigger Association and the Uto Ni Yalo Trust will hold a sunrise paddle to celebrate our ocean and call for greater commitment from ordinary Fijians towards healthy oceans.


As possibly, the 1st celebration of World Oceans Day, on June 08th outrigger paddlers will, at 5.45am, paddle from the Maritime Academy, parallel to Queen Elizabeth Drive, to opposite Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority headquarters.


Suggest for people that have to travel far to get back home bring their change and have a shower at NCC and head straight to work or school.

We want to invite others to come along to the event so please ask your families and friends to join us at the Nasese beach to pay respect to our Ocean. Fiji TV and other media organizations will be present so we want to raise the awareness for a cleaner Ocean. The more people attending will show our common interest of keeping our Oceans clean.

Students/juniors, please get permission from your parents to attend this event.

All canoes must be equipped with proper safety equipment (Bungs and Life jackets). Tow ropes not required as there will not be any boats.

Please wear your River to Ocean tops or club uniforms if you don’t have one.


Please encourage your fellow club members to be part of this great initiative for a better & cleaner environment.


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